What We Do

Craft Canopy works with a unique way of providing inputs to the craftspeople to bring sustainability in their work area. We try to evolve our model of craft sustainability and upliftment by keeping the craftspeople at the heart of the project and involving them all in the process of thinking to bring change in their own community.We have a six -step intervention process that creates an entrepreneur out of an artist and a brand out of a village. It involves –


We start with improving skills and providing where they might be none. In the skill development trainings, one of the main focus is quality control and innovation.


We improvise traditional crafts collaborating with the contemporary design ideas bringing innovation and scaling up to develop Craft as a source of income for generations to come.Design and innovation is the core of any kind of new idea. This helps in product development   as well as expansion of the market. Trainings are provided as how to make products which are not locally consumed but can be utilised for a bigger market on national and international level. This will help in the scalability of each enterprise.


Our tech intervention study the process of production and postproduction thoroughly before intervening to reduce drudgery in the process and see where time can be saved. The idea is to not replace the craftsperson but to increase his/her productivity


Guidance is given to the craft artisans by linkages to government schemes, information about banking and financial assistance and basics of setting up a company.


Craft Canopy along with Kasturi tries to market the different products made by craft people in form of curated collection at different designer fairs at national level and government fairs. This provides a better visibility.Exposure to CraftsPersons is given through interactions with senior faculty members of various design   schools across the country. The artisans also visit various rural, urban, semi-urban markets. Thus it helps them to learn different ideas and also in understanding the changing demands of the market.


Brand building is done through social media so that crafts persons by sharing photographs and videos of their work build a direct user base and a brand name. Some examples of individual craftsmen who have done this are :