Tangaliya Village

Tangaliya Village

Tangaliya weavings, also known as Daana weaving, is an indigenous craft that has a history of about 700 years. In this form of weaving, extra weft is twisted around a number of warp threads to make tiny dots on both sides of the fabric. The hand woven and GI protected fabrics and shawls require high skills and accuracy to create geometrical patterns and forms in the fabric, which is made by the Dangasia community in Surendranagar District of Gujarat.

A folk lore suggests that the origin of Tangaliya weaving is a story of nuptial knots laced with love, independency and life. A Bharvad boy fell in love with a girl from the weaver community. Since he was from a family of shepherds, he was not allowed to marry her. He was ostracized by his own family which forced him to leave his community and live with the weavers. However, he continued to herd his sheep and also learnt the art of weaving. Thus, the art of Tangaliya weaving came into being.

Currently the situation is Grim. We can hardly find weavers who can weave both the kind of Tangaliyas with cotton and wool. The reason for the diminishing craft is that the market link is missing for the crafts, the efforts to outreach and lessening market value for this kind of labour intensive art are very few.

Craft Canopy has planned a three-step strategy. This will help them in becoming independent in the market without any help from middle men. Craft Canopy is trying to leverage the craft production by establishing them as craft entrepreneurs and creating a market for the brand which would help in the future generations. This would also help in reviving the dying art.