Founder Organisation:

NSTEDB, DST, Govt. of India 

This project is supported by National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board under the  i-STED project for the purpose of entrepreneurship development in the regions of Kutch & Saurashtra in Gujarat State.

About NSTEDB, DST, Govt. of India:

The National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), established in 1982 by the Government of India under the aegis of Department of Science & Technology, is an institutional mechanism to help promote knowledge driven and technology intensive enterprises. The Board, having representations from socio-economic and scientific Ministries/Departments, aims to convert "job-seekers" into "job-generators" through Science & Technology (S&T) interventions.

Manthan Educational Programme Society, India

Manthan Educational Programme Society, India is involved in this project as a project coordinator and is the direct point of contact for this activity. Manthan is involved in activities like Project Conceptualisation, Design trainings, Technology Trainings, Entrepreneurship Trainings, Linkages, etc.

Craft Canopy is an outcome developed under the project ‘Technology & Design for Sustainable Craft Sector’. This online platform  is established in coordination with Manthan Educational Programme Society, India and will continue to be a driving force  for the benefit of the Craft entrepreneurs of the Gujarat state  and the country.

About Manthan:

Manthan a not for profit organisation  gives great significance to curiosity in minds of students, educators and trainees for experiential learning through various expressive mediums – initially through folk art like puppet shows followed by educational tools, radio programs, and exhibitions and by creating a massive outreach programme through Hands-on activities and resourceful kits. The goal is to simplify and give quality outreach in the field of science and communication mostly for the youth and the community.

Presently, Manthan runs a tribal science centre in the Narmada District of Gujarat state and is in the process of establishing an entrepreneurship development training centre for the rural and tribal communities of Narmada.

Know More (Link to the website-www.mepsindia.org)