Gujarat Matikam Kalkari Board and Rural Technology Institute

The RTIG was established in 1979 by The Gujarat State as Service Institute and is the first of its kind in country. The endeavour of the Institute is to coordinate the efforts to promote the concept of appropriate Technology for the Rural Development in general and for the benefit of rural artisans and cottage Industries in particular.

Design Innovation Craft Resource Centre

Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre (DICRC), CEPT University, India functions as an research centre for the development and understanding of Indian Crafts (SMC – Space Making Crafts and Surface Narrative Crafts) of Traditional and Vernacular Buildings of India.

DICRC’s main activities are to conduct dedicated research, documentation and organize programs, workshops and projects related to Craft and Traditional and Vernacular Interior Architecture. These are realized through detailed research, mapping, documentation, and analysis of Craft and Traditional and Vernacular built environment; Craft workshops and Innovation internship and fellowship programs; Training, curriculum development for craft and providing a platform for discussion, seminar, and forum for role of craft in Interior Architecture at national and International level.

Ananya Microfinance 

Ananya Finance for Inclusive Growth Private Limited (Ananya) is a registered Non-Banking Finance Company in India. Ananya has inherited Friends of Women’s World Banking (India)’s wholesale lending programme in the field of microfinance, livelihood promotion and other sustainable solutions for the huge base of the pyramid population segment in India. Ananya was formed with a clear vision - a vision to achieve universal access to financial services in India through effective partnerships with microfinance institutions and other community-based organizations in this country.


Indian Institute of Craft and Design (IICD) is a unique institution that is synergizing traditional knowledge and skills with contemporary needs to evolve methodologies that are relevant to modern India. Conceived as a nodal centre for excellence in Craft and Design it has programs in Education, Training & Outreach, Research and Documentation and Advisory & Consultancy services.


The ‘Gaatha’ project was conjured to play that key role of storytelling, and therewith bringing social and commercial benefits to the artisan settlements. Gaatha desire to become the instrument though which the artisans can directly connect with the global audience, they desire to be the resource which helps craft sell not as objects but stories and ideologies. Gaatha is vying to make not just ‘sales’ but ‘dialogues’ between the craftsmen and their patrons, encouraging ‘co-creation’ possibilities and a collective growth. The company is committed to keeping all the good practices intact and all processes humane, just andecologically balanced.


Kasturi is a brand for handcrafted usable and wearable products specially created for Home and You. As close is Home to your heart, so is a Craft for us. Our crafts people pour their efforts with love in making these home furnishing and apparel products. These are not just products, they are stories associated with Kasturi, you and the crafts people. These specially designed crafts from different Indian origins are modified to modern needs, yet rare and exquisite.

Kasturi aims at bringing sustainability in the life of the crafts people reviving the privileged reality of wearing and using handcrafted products.