About Us

About Us

Craft Canopy has emerged as one-of-its-kind initiative for socio-economic development through an establishment of an umbrella association for Craft entrepreneurs. Craft Canopy has been conceived as a facilitator, friend and partner to Craft entrepreneurs in providing design training, cutting edge innovation capacity building through high-end technology inputs and modern scientific knowledge for development, production and promotion of Earthen, Wooden and Textile Craft sectors in the state of Gujarat.

Craft Canopy has developed its own unique multidisciplinary strategic input of Innovation, Design and Technology empowering all craft artisans. We have made the Craft Entrepreneurs self-dependent in their innovation, practice, work and product transforming the landscape of Indian crafts. We want to put indigenous crafts and traditional handicrafts of Gujarat on the global map and raise demand in the International market for Indian produce created by craft-entrepreneurs.

Craft Canopy has made concentrated efforts in empowering the craftsperson, village artisans and novice craft amateurs by providing them with an e-commerce platform for core business networking dedicated to niche: Crafts and traditional handwork industry.

Craft Canopy’s collaborative innovation between designer and craftsperson has become an ongoing annual input instrumental in expanding the craft and reviving dying craft traditions and tapping contemporary markets. Craft Canopy has developed a new business model to sustain technology driven Craft process combining innovative design input to meet the needs of the culturally and economically known craft community of Gujarat to highlight and promote their creativity and creative produce. Effort in innovating design input in craft has helped the creativity of Craft entrepreneur at Craft Canopy by exposure to the future of design practice that intersects with use of technology in a rapidly changing world.

We, at Craft Canopy, have been making relentless efforts to bridge the demand and supply gap by promoting technological advancements for craft industry and reviving the dying craft and traditional handicraft industry run by the Craft entrepreneurs. You can support the crafts people by buying their products.

Vision and Misson


Craft Canopy envisions facilitating “By the People for the People” Craft movement helping every journey of crafts people from skilled artisans at the village level to a trained and fully equipped craft entrepreneur as well-known global brands inspiring the new generation of emerging crafts entrepreneur developing a sustainable market for the Craft entrepreneurs of Gujarat.


Craft Canopy is on a mission to develop culturally and economically sound self-sustaining communities developing the craft, especially reviving the traditional and fading handicrafts world renowned as marked by uniqueness, historical importance and indigenousness.